Friday, November 21, 2008

OSU Campus Food

The Game is tomorrow and the excitement has been building in Columbus and Buckeye fans everywhere all week (not to mention the rivalry jokes).  It's a home game this year and today my mind has been picturing the activity around campus today and tomorrow.  My parents will be there, so in addition to watching The Game on ABC, I am looking forward to first-hand reports.  I have to admit that as I think about the atmosphere in Columbus, I am a bit homesick.  How I would love to be immersed in the excitement of preparing to attend the game.  It looks like a cold one, though I've seen colder.  I've been bundled up so much that the only part not covered with wool or flannel was my eyes, which is all that counts in watching The Game.
So, what does all this have to do with food?  Tailgating is an obvious answer and I'm planning on posting a favorite dip recipe tomorrow.  However, today I thought I'd share some of my favorite campus restaurants.  Not surprisingly, there are several pizza places - it is a college campus after all and pizza is one of my favorite foods.  If you are in Columbus, or ever visit the OSU campus area, be sure to try some of these places:
Donato's – N. High St., so good that I have my dad bring some when he visits
Adriatico’s – 11th Ave., my favorite Sicilian pizza
Buffalo Wild Wings – N. High St.
China Garden – N. High St. and Lane Ave.
Tommy’s Pizza – Lane Ave, awesome pizza and Italian subs

Campus had some other awesome food stops, but things have changed a lot in the last "few" years.  Some of my favorites are gone and I hear that there are a lot of wonderful new places, I just haven't been there to try them lately.
Again, I hope to post a recipe or two tomorrow.  In the meantime, I'll be donning my scarlet and grey and preparing to watch The Game (noon ET on ABC)!  GO BUCKS!

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