Monday, June 3, 2013

Following Instincts

Friday morning my beagle was so cute that I just had to stop and write a journal entry about her.  Here's what I wrote:

"She has those moments when she's outside, just laying on the deck.  She's alert to the yard - not sleeping.  She was like that just now when I came outside.  She took one look at me, got up, and ran into the yard in "guard mode," barking at who-knows-what.  It's as if she's trying to show she's busy, doing something important.  Therefore she can't do whatever it is that I want/need her to do (like come inside).  The funny thing is, half the time I don't need her to do anything.  Just now I was bringing my breakfast out onto the deck to eat.  Silly dog. :-)"

Not long after that, I caught her in the act of doing this:

Not so cute.  Reminder to self:  I love my beagle, I love my beagle, I love my beagle...

She's done this before, hence the chicken wire.  Obviously, that didn't work.  So, here's my next effort:

It worked around the fence in NC.  Hopefully it will work here.  As my mom said (sympathetic grandma that she is), she's just following her instincts.  I know.  Sometimes though I wish I could sit her down for a story time.  The Poky Little Puppy would be a regular feature:  "No desserts ever for puppies who dig holes..."


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