Monday, July 1, 2013

In The News

Milk does a body good? Maybe not always, Harvard doc argues - Dr. David Ludwig, Harvard Pediatrician

The Toxic Truth about Sugar -  Dr. Robert Lustig, UC San Francisco Pediatric Endocrinologist

Now, great advice on How to Break a Sugar Addiction.  I can tell you that once you break it, you really do lose your "sweet tooth".  I can't eat sugary foods nearly at the same rate as I used to.  One cookie or treat and I'm done.  If I cave and eat a second, I regret it.  I actually don't feel as well afterwards.  If you're not sure what foods have sugar added to them, the author of this site has a list here.  You may be surprised.

Good luck!  If we can break the chocolate chip cookie dough/brownie cravings, you can too!

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