Saturday, June 13, 2009


I love going to the farmer's market this time of year.  The fruit is in!  For the last few weeks we've been feasting on fresh, locally grown strawberries.  Then, last week when I went to pick up some strawberries for jam, I was greeted with peaches!  I decided it was time to expand my jam-making experience.  My neighbor and I went to the farmer's market yesterday and loaded up on peaches.  We met in my kitchen this afternoon and now I have two batches of fresh peach jam cooling on my counter.  There's something satisfying in preserving food for the year to come and making jam isn't all that difficult.  There are also still plenty of peaches for dessert tonight and the next few breakfasts.  I also plan to chop some to freeze.  They will be great this winter for cobbler, served over Angel Food cake, etc.  We're also contemplating canning sliced peaches next month when the freestones are ripe (they are SO much easier to slice).  I haven't canned anything beyond jam, but it looks like it should be even easier.  In addition, we're looking forward to blueberry and, depending on supply, blackberry jam next month. 
By the way, I am looking for a good, juice-only, sweetened jam recipe.  If you know of any, please send them my way.  Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I love all fruits, specially candied! there is this particular fuit my mother used to make when I was a little girl, she turned it into a sort of jam. Is not found in the states, the fuit is called "Grocella" it has diferent names depending on the town. I havent come across it here, maybe they import it to Florida, Ill research on it, I want to make the recipe badly.
The fruit is small and bright yellow with a seed inside, is very very sour and a little citrusy. The flesh is kind of like when you bite into a not ripe grape.
The recipe, well my mother used to boil them in water and lots of sugar, and vanilla extract and once cooked they turn bright red. Unless she added food coloring, but they looked delicious. She used to sevre them to me like apple sauce. The pits where still in them, you just discarded as you ate it.

I love peaches! the pic makes me want to go have one right now.
Thanks for sharing your blog.

Joann Rodriguez

Kathy said...


I'd love to learn more! Let me know what you find out. I'll see what I can uncover as well.